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Data Scientist’s Review of OSCP Apr 26, 2020 24 hours of being bent over a keyboard, four energy drinks and two microwaveable chicken-fried rices later, I was finally awarded my “Offensive Security Certified Professional”.

On all of the 20 point boxes I've gotten a shell, but only one root. Windows boxes in particular have given me a lot of trouble because I've done everything that every OSCP blog/writeup/advice article has given. I've read the fuzzysecurity tutorial. I check the installed programs for outdated software. I check services for weak permissions

Feb 15, 2018 · OSCP labs are (mostly) focused more on real world applications. The labs even include client-side exploits, lateral movement and pivoting. My thoughts about the “try harder” mentality.
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    Dec 12, 2019 · Generated Passwords, UX and Security AbsolutismHow to use Firefox's Lockwise password managerSan Francisco moves to manage tech testing on its streetsTTS seeks ID management partnerCyberattacks on Retailers Could Increase 20% this Holiday SeasonSenate's CISA subpoena bill adds privacy protections to DHS proposalApple Buys UK-Based Company 'Spectral Edge' to Bolster iPhone's Photographic ...

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    There are around 55 machines in the lab, split between 4 different networks. To start, you only have access to the public network, but there are 3 other networks that aren't routable to begin with. You can start with pretty much any machine you want, but my advice would be to leave the big 3 bosses (PAIN, SUFFERANCE, and HUMBLE) for last.

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    Mar 12, 2019 · Bastard was the 7th box on HTB, and it presented a Drupal instance with a known vulnerability at the time it was released. I’ll play with that one, as well as two more, Drupalgeddon2 and Drupalgeddon3, and use each to get a shell on the box. The privesc was very similar to other early Windows challenges, as the box is unpatched, and vulnerable to kernel exploits.

    Thanks to the advise and encouragement from my mentor (Paul, that's you), I took up the challenge of hacking Pain as my 10th machine. For those who don't know what that means — Pain is one of the "boss" machine in the OSCP lab environment, along with his buddies: Sufferance, Humble and Gh0st.

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    The Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification is awarded to students who successfully complete Offensive Security’s Pentesting with Backtrack (PWB) course. This is an intense hands on course, where students are expected to use the knowledge and tools they’ve obtained, to hack into several machines in a virtual network.

    Open vSwitch Configuration for Libvirt with External Network Access on Ubuntu 18. July 14, 2020. Here is a little write up of the "LazyAdmin" challenge from TryHackMe. This TryHackme Blog writeup provides all steps necessary to root the Blog box on TryHackMe. The first one was a guided walkthrough, which is a reallyCategory: TryHackMe.

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    Take the OSCP course, it is relatively cheap for the value of the content and it is one of the few certs in security that is respected. From your profile it looks like you work for a big company. Ping some people in security and find out who runs your "Red Team" (if you have one). Make friends with them.

    Oct 06, 2017 · Great write up but I believe that yourself and friends are 100% wrong on oscp. If you take the oscp solo which by he sounds of it wouldn’t be the case in your situation, then there are a huge amount of areas that will test your metal.

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    In the end, this break between the lab and exam was a blessing as I was unexpectedly sidelined for 3 weeks by an infected tooth abscess. Blinding pain and/or a hydrocodone stupor are not conducive to studying. Exam Attempt #1. The exam is worth a total of 100 points spread between 5 machines - 25 point buffer overflow, 25, 20, 20 and 10 points.

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Mar 18, 2018 · If PAIN was an abbreviation then its expanded form would look something like “Plethoric Agony of Innocent Nirbhaya”. I hope everyone remembers who Nirbhaya was? The unfortunate girl who was at the receiving end of brutality showcased by a breed whom some people still call humans. Really astonished to know that they are yet to be hanged.
OSCP-Survival-Guide. Kali Linux Offensive Security Certified Professional Playbook. UPDATE: October 4, 2017 For OSCP Lab machine enumeration automation, checkout my other project: VANQUISH. Vanquish is a Kali Linux based Enumeration Orchestrator written in Python.
The OSCP has been the single most difficult challenge of my professional career. It tested my limits time and time again, pushing me further every time I stepped into the labs. "Try Harder" became a mantra and a phrase to live by. There is nothing in the labs that is impossible. The OSCP labs are designed to be difficult but doable, the difference between failure and success is you.